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Creating a fun and inviting dance class.

Welcome to Mid- Columbia School of Highland Dance! Our studio is new and we are looking to expand and bring in new dancers! Have you heard of Scotland? What about hearing the bagpipes? And what about those funny looking skirts? Well to answer some of these questions, yes we do dance to the music of bagpipes. We also wear those funny looking skirts called "kilts". And our style of dance is from Scotland! So, Highland dancing isn't just dance, but it is also a sport. Did you know that Highland dancing has two cousins? They are Irish Step dancing and Ballet. One really cool dance that separates us Highland dancers from the rest of the dancing world is that we get to dance with swords! So, come on out boys, girls, and parents!

The goal here at MCSHD is to educate, inspire, help, nurture, and dance the traditional dances that have been passed down since the 1700's. Please feel free to research and youtube our dances to see if you'd be interested in learning this fun sport- Highland Fling, Sword dance, Irish Jig, Sailors Hornpipe, Strathspey and Highland Reel, Sean Truibhas, Highland Laddie, Wilt Thou Go To the Barracks Johnny, Earl of Errol, Scottish Lilt, Scotch Measure, Village Maid,  Flora McDonald's Fancy, Blue Bonnests Over the Border. These are most of the dances that dancers will learn!


Cassandra Humphrys, Instructor

Miss Cassandra is a native Washingtonian where she was born and raised in Richland. She has many years invested in dancing. Her interest in dance started when she was a very young girl; while visiting her older cousin in Missouri, her cousin was having a private Ballet lesson. Right then and there, Miss Cassandra's love for dance blossomed! Miss Cassandra has studied Ballet, Tap, Irish Step dance, and Highland dance. Over the years, Miss Cassandra came to love Highland dance so much that she only focused her energy on it. She has had nearly 20 years of competitive dancing experience that she continues every week. Miss Cassandra is a certified dance instructor after passing an exam through the British Association of Teachers of Dance (BATD) in July of 2017. She loves to teach and share her knowledge with not just her students but with the students at Spokane's School of Highland dance. Miss Cassandra is also a student. She's had 3 different teachers- Miss Marie Flemming (Grimes- Darling), Miss Teresa Ball- Robinson, and Miss Robin MacRae. Miss Cassandra continues her dancing career by traveling up to Spokane every week for her dance lessons with Miss Marie Grimes- Darling. Miss Cassandra has traveled all over the U.S. to compete in Highland dance. She's also traveled to Canada and Scotland to compete! Miss Cassandra is a Lewis & Clark Elementary, Carmichael Middle School, and Richland High School Alumni.When she's not in college lectures or studying to become a nurse, you can find Miss Cassandra working as a barista at Starbucks. Miss Cassandra has two great loves in life, her love of Highland dance and her animals.


.Miss Cassandra on the left after a Regional Championship dance competition with her friends Jaime, her teacher Miss Marie, dance friend Emily, and Abby.